What our Mentees say

Thank you TiE Rajasthan for the great opportunity of learning provided to us. Well it has been truly beneficial in my endeavour of social entrepreneurship.

Seema Badaya

Ever Since I attended AIRSWEEE in Coimbatore, we have added more SKUs of naturally made consumer goods in our amazon. With my renewed hustle at age 60, I have managed to get our products placed in more retail shops; employed underprivileged women in the community to make natural products which is sustainable to the planet and safe for daily usage. Possibility to export naturally made consumer goods including face wash / bath powder, orange & lemon face masks, detergent powder, dish wash powder and floor cleaner to US and other developed countries will further our natural living cause. Guidance in finding connections in US to set an office/branch to manufacture and/or distribute our natural consumer goods products in US will be greatly appreciated.

Ms. Shanthi - Founder BSD Organics - Natural living

I had the most amazing learnings at the three day workshop and would like to take this opportunity and extend my thanks to you, TIE Global, TIE Rajasthan, US Mission, all our Mentors, AIRSWEEE and everyone who contributed in making this event a great success.


It makes me to analyze myself & review my performance. I learnt a lot & going to apply straight away in my start-up .

Jyoti Kapoor

This is an amazing experience for creative people like us to understand the business.

Ashita Reuben

This workshop helps me to realize the readiness of our business to scaling up.

Lulua Kapadia

I truly appreciate the efforts poured to make Tie-Warangal AIRSWEE event a memorable and informative too.

Sabeera B

Thanks so much for providing me an opportunity. I would certainly be part of the mentorship program for the required time as mentioned by you. Thanks once again to you, all the mentors who were present in Warangal and also TiE for providing such a wonderful opportunity me.

A. Pavitthra

AIRSWEEE was a stepping stone for my startup to present my company the right away. Mentors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and post workshop engagement has been very useful ! A truly useful initiative.

Priyanka Chugh

As a result of AIRSWEEE I have narrowed (I was doing couple of other ventures parallel to Some More on a small scale)down to one business and working to make it big. The reason to narrow down is the confidence I got after mentoring and being first generation entrepreneurs in food business. Now I have contacts in every field to make my food business better, I can seek help from the right person for that. This project has given the visibility to both my business and myself. Can't be happier!- .

Deepa M

AIRSWEEE was the ultimate platform where I learnt everything about entrepreneurship. Every nuance of running a successful organisation, personal discipline and how perseverance pays off, but also pivoting at the right time. AIRSWEEE saved me many years of struggle by giving all learning on a golden platter.


It was a very helpful exposure for me. However I was not able to make the best out of it being in a little difficult domain of promoting cycle usage as commute choice and earning money out of it. It looks more like an advocacy or NGO role.


Such initiatives to promote women entrepreneurs from Tier 1 cities is exceptionally marvellous, It was amazing to meet with such an incredible lot of women who with their respective start-ups are creating a difference. Meeting with the industry experts and having received the support from our US Mentors will definitely help me take my start up a notch up. I couldn't have agreed more when Craig said we all need to support each other as it would encourage other women too. I am thankful to AIRSWEEE for making me a part of this wonderful journey.

Roma Ta

 Elevator pitch has helped me to communicate my business idea more precisely and confidently especially when I meet paediatricians to promote FIRST SPOON- Organic baby food.

Deepa M

The tips I received on Direct Marketing Process has helped me to identify and handle customer segments valuing the time factor at both the ends especially while handling the customer care phone calls.


After the AIRSWEEE workshop I am able to seek and get the right contacts of persons in varied fields related to my business through TiE members whatsapp group or by email and this helps me to get connected and work at ease. My client base is also improving.


Being an entrepreneur and after attending mentoring sessions by TiE AIRSWEEE, recently I gave valuable suggestions to my cousin Revathi, a young mother who wants to be an entrepreneur and she is interested in art and decoration work and stitches her own kids clothes. I am glad that I am able to contribute a bit to her and thanks to TiE and AIRSWEEE for enabling us to do this. Sure to implement other skills sooner.

Deepa (Some More Food Products)

First and foremost I felt I should make my team members in the organisation also learn what I learnt in the three days. I made my own presentation and then formulated a neat elevator pitch and explained to them how it is important that even they should learn about it. I then asked them to work with me on the SWOT analysis and Business model canvas. I was thrilled to hear some points which I never thought of including. It was a nice collective assignment that we all did and my people felt happy to have been included in this. We also discussed how the weaknesses can be converted into strengths. As a team we formulated some solutions to make the weaknesses into strengths in the next financial year. I also explained to them some of my ideas in making it. I also explained my USA partner about the whole program. My USA partner lives in Santa Barbara, USA and now she is inspired to join one of the TiE in California. Like the above there a lot of takeaways that I think I have from the three day workshop. Each and every point covered was extremely helpful for me. I have started to think if I want external investments in the future how I should start doing my ground work now. Since mine is social enterprise I have been thinking how I should make the company visible to strategic investors around the world. Overall the three day workshop was a wholesome experience and the dedication of the mentors is something that still astonishes me and inspires me. It was an eye-opener in many senses. Thank you all from the bottom of the heart for the wonderful experience .


It’s hard to find the words to describe this innovative and inspiring program to support women entrepreneurs in India! There are three different categories I would like to address in this testimonial, each of which deserves its own section:

Leadership – Especially Strategy, Design and Organization
First, this program could not have had a better chairperson than Seema Chaturvedi. Seema led the strategy and design for the program and was the point person for organizing every detail from start to finish. From day one, Seema inspired the U.S. mentors to commit and contribute their best to the program. She led us through developing the content and looked for every opportunity leverage each of our unique skills for every facet of the program. For example, knowing I have a background in marketing, she asked for input on the PR and marketing plans. She was the motivational force behind every bit of success the program enjoyed. Calls were efficient and organized – which is no easy task with people in different time zones all over the world engaged, each with a different role, contribution, skill set and point of view. I know I speak for the entire group when I say we were in AWE of Seema’s energy and enthusiasm! It was clear that she poured every ounce of her heart and soul into making the program as valuable as possible for participants, mentors AND the TiE organization. With little time to coordinate so much because of the grant’s timeline parameters, she did a year’s work in just a few months and it truly showed in the execution of the programs. She not only thought of everything, but she was firm when needed to ensure that the on-the-ground support would be dedicated and focused. The logistics of this program were unbelievably complex. Eight U.S. women that needed visas, travel arrangements, local contacts, a full program understanding, coordination with one another on content for the workshop, understanding of the participants, and much more. She is the kind of inspiring leader that got everyone motivated through her passion and energy. If there is an award for this type of leadership excellence, Seema should win it!

Second, the entire TiE team on the ground in Jaipur was outstanding.
Overall, great strategy, very well coordinated and an extremely smooth experience.

Mentoring Women Entrepreneurs
This was a wonderful idea. The government of India is doing so much from a “practical” standpoint to make it easier for entrepreneurs (and especially women entrepreneurs) to start and run businesses.

Personal Fulfillment
Lastly, I derived a level of personal fulfilment and “emotional income” that far exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend this program to other U.S. woman entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in the world by promoting women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. This is one of the best experiences I’ve had in my professional career (and in my life) and I hope to be involved with AIRSWEEE for years to come. I also look forward to recruiting future mentors and working with new groups of inspiring women entrepreneurs! Thank you to the TiE organization and the U.S. State Department for this wonderful opportunity. I am forever grateful.

By Trista Walker, US Mentor

Thank you all once again for the most amazing experience.

Holly Flanagan, US Mentor

It’s good to speak to women from different walks of life and different parts of our society. Many of them are just looking for really sound advice and opportunities .

Rajneesh Singhvi, Indian Mentor

This experience was one of the highlights of my professional career--which has most fortunately had many wonderful highlights, so I don’t say that lightly. The caliber of the TiE women involved in this program is absolutely astounding! My team-mates in Nagpur were focused, hardworking, extremely talented and generous in their gifts. We came together under Rita’s excellent leadership with common purpose, a clear charter and great excitement about the quality of this program and the mentees involved. The AIRSWEEE program was well organized and executed, with consistent branding, expectations, and follow up requirements. Seema brought this about with great initiative and drive. I’m very happy she did and it’s been a privilege to be involved.

Kristine Quine,US Mentor

This experience has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I have been involved with many non-profits throughout my 20 plus years of career, but the impact that I saw with this program at the grass root level was touching. The opportunity to be able to touch so many lives at one given time in itself is incredible, and then taking that to next level of further mentoring the finalists to take them through growth will have larger impact. In spite of so many geographical locations, multiple mentors from many cities between India and US, this was a very well organized and executed program. There was not a dull moment during both my workshops. The final day on both the workshops were emotional experience with all the mentees ready to take the next step for their businesses. I cannot thank TiE and US Department of State for this opportunity that was given to me. This has been a life changing experience for me. I had great time mentoring 25 women business owners in Warangal. The experience was powerful, knowing that these women have made to this level with all the roadblocks they encounter. I felt the program will have major positive impact when one of the attendees mentioned 'no management class can teach these tips'.

Ms Komal Goyal, US Mentor

This was an extremely fulfilling experience, for myself as well as the Mentees. We bonded on various levels and shared experiences, concerns, and grew through the collective experience. A great experience for all!

MeghaBhouraskar, India Mentor

AIRSWEEE 2017 in Durgapur. I have founded and sold two companies one in construction and one in IT. I was embraced from the beginning of the variety of small business represented including retail, healthcare, education, agriculture and wholesale sales. The ladies came prepared with information about their companies and through stages of pitch sessions made great strides in targeting their company’s pitch. We covered a wealth of information presented from our experiences in the United States but I so no problem in the implementation of the materials foundation in India. Further as the sessions progressed the ladies increased their engagement with me and with the other ladies. There is much work to be done and through continuing support of woman start-up companies start-ups India will benefit greatly. While not addressed above another consideration is the substantial positive effect on the children of India which is a whole other topic.

Ann Bennett,US Mentor

It was for the first time mentoring experience with AIRSWEEE which was exciting but would like to add that many things were not clear in the beginning. They kept unfolding as I moved further with my mentees.

JyotiAswani, India Mentor

Very well organized initiative. Thanks for inviting me to be part of it.

Varun Guptha, India Mentor