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"Empowerment through entrepreneurship"

“We need to move away from gender stereotyping and let children’s aptitude, and ability drive who they become”, said the legendary Anu Agha, ex Managing Director of Thermax, Pune. Read More

Unicorns - Need of the hour

India has a population of 1.3 billion and is the third largest Start-up ecosystem in the World. Yet out of 177 unicorns in the world, India can boast of only 8 namely Flipkart,Snapdeal, Ola cabs, One 97 Communication (Paytm), Hike, Shopclues, Zomato Media, and InMobi. Read More

Entrepreneurship - A step up for the times

India ranks third in the number of technological start-ups with around 4,500 startups with an average valuation of approximately $2.3 million. US ranks 1st with approximately 50,000 start-ups. With ours being around 4x the population of the USA this huge gap is a serious issue haunting the economists. Read More

The Fear of being Judged

During my visit to India last week in support to the US State Department’s mission, AIRSWEEE (All India Road Show for Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship), I learned an important lesson. Read More

Making Lemonade out of Gender Bias Lemons

Last week I held a panel with well-known members of the technology community as panelists. The topic was not new: 'What should Women in Technology do to make it to the top?'. We all have beaten this topic to death in the last couple of years.Read More