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TiE recognizes the significant opportunity for value creation and the associated multiplier effect that can be unleashed by empowering women. TiE Women is a platform within TiE Global to provide resources to empower women. Empowering women through entrepreneurial skills and knowledge will create a multiplier effect not only in the form of economic value creation in the imminent future but also in the future generations.

As economically independent individuals, women will be able to make choices about their own future and work towards a standard of living that they aspire to. Additionally, as 'empowered' mothers they will be able to perpetuate this in the children they raise, which will impact future value creation as well. TiE Women’s major new project is Project AIRSWEEE.


TiE Global launches the 'All-India Road Show on Women's Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship' (Project AIRSWEEE)

TiE Global (TiE Inc), one of the world's largest not for profit organization with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship has launched the 'All-India Road Show on Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship'.

The Program's objective is to unleash value creation amongst aspiring young women in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India by empowering them with knowledge of Entrepreneurship. The initiative has received funding support from the US Mission in India, US Department of State.

  • Elevator pitch has helped me to communicate my business idea more precisely and confidently especially when I meet paediatricians to promote FIRST SPOON- Organic baby food. The tips I received on Direct Marketing Process has helped me to identify and handle customer segments valuing the time factor at both the ends especially while handling the customer care phone calls.

  • Overall the three day workshop was a wholesome experience and the dedication of the mentors is something that still astonishes me and inspires me. It was an eyeopener in many senses. Thank you all from the bottom of the heart for the wonderful experience.

    D.Shree Bharathi
  • With my renewed hustle at age 60, I have managed to get our products placed in more retail shops; employed underprivileged women in the community to make natural products which is sustainable to the planet and safe for daily usage.

    Ms. Shanthi - FounderBSD Organics - Natural living
  • Having someone to lookup to and turn to for advice will get you everywhere in your career. It is not always easy to find that special someone who has the time to be your mentor. AIRSWEEE has created a wonderful platform to match us with extraordinary business women in our industry.

    Sneha & Sahitya - Co-Founders of Sreeal Technologies